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For Over 7 years, our brand has excelled in supplying chemical raw
materials, Lithium energy products, and sustainable packaging &
shipping solutions tailored to your unique Industrial needs.

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Food & Industrial Chemicals

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Eco-friendly Reusable Pallet Wrappers

One Partner, Many Solutions

Adehot Global continues to grow it’s focus of becoming a leading provider of high quality Food and Industrial grade Chemical products and Lithium-ion Energy Products to Industries. As a company that works closely with partners across many industries both in the manufacture and distribution of Chemicals and Li-ion Products, our vision is to be a world-class enterprise that is passionate about the quality of life of the general populace.

Over 157 companies Trust us for their supplies in 35 countries


Our Chemical and Energy solutions for Industries allow us connect with trustworthy partners in various fields.

Our company collaborates with prominent brands, fostering relationships that extend beyond business.


Are you in Africa, Europe, Asia or America? No Problems

Our seasoned professionals have experience shipping your supplies under strict International UN safety guidelines, while helping you achieve your carbon-neutral ESG goals.

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We have been supporting Industries with the right raw materials to grow their a great bargain.

Biotechnology and Research

Shipping Industry

Food, Beverages & Dairy Products Including Oil Industry​

Agriculture such as Bio-fertilizers

Water Treatment

Automotive & Green Energy Industries

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Explore the ways we can save you time, money and energy by guaranteeing quality products directly from manufacturers and suppliers we work with, leveraging our supply chain expertise to ship products to various countries in record time, freeing you up to use your time more productively.

Lithium ore and Lithium-ion processing

Explore the lithium projects and prospects from our partners in West Africa.

What makes for quality Nigerian Lithium, why the prices are a great bargain, and how the government is helping industries like ours thrive on the global scene.

Following the Chemical trail...

Adehot’s catalog of over 100 high quality essential chemical products meets the  highest standards.

We assist YOU before buying, and we stay with you during usage and after sales.